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A quick overview of whether tiled shower floors have a tendency to leak more frequently than solid shower floors and why.

A potential client made an interesting comment today. “On the shower floor, I’ve been told that tiling is prone to leaks and water damage over time.” My first instinct was to reply “No, of coarse not!” but then I remembered why I entered the custom shower building business years ago. The real answer is yes, tiled shower floors are more prone to leaks and water damage because too often they are installed incorrectly. When installed correctly, tiled shower floors will last a lifetime.

The problem begins with the multiple technical steps needed to take to ensure a long lasting and water tight shower floor. In many cases these steps are carried out by up to five different construction trades. The carpenter will frame up the shower, the plumber will install the drain, a fiberglass guy will seal the shower pan, the Sheetrock guys will sometimes install the backer-board, and the tile installer will set the tile on the floor and walls. The lack of knowledge and communication about the responsibility and technical details each trade is to perform to construct a leak free shower can potentially lead to many mistakes in the shower building process. Countless times I have been called to repair showers where the pan liner was incorrectly installed, the backer-board was nailed through the fiberglass liner creating several holes, or the drain, curb, or benches were installed incorrectly. There have been many showers with visible cracks running along the corners because they have been grouted instead of caulked, not allowing for proper expansion. The mistakes made by one trade is often overlooked by the next trade in line to work on the shower.  In short, all of the leaky showers that I have come across over the years were a product of human error at the time of installation.

After years of witnessing this lack of technical knowledge and proper orchestration by the construction trades to build high quality, functional custom showers, I decided to research the proper steps and details needed to step up and fill the void that existed. It pains me to see newly remodeled master showers with expensive materials ripped out and rebuilt because of tradesmen misrepresenting their skills and qualifications to take on such a technical project. There are others that have the knowledge to build it right but cut vital corners to squeeze time and money out of each project.

When remodeling your shower be sure to ask lots of questions, do your own research, make sure you feel comfortable with your contractor, and most of all, use common sense. If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

Chad Walker – Texas Shower Company

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