Tub and Shower Re-caulk
Get rid of that moldy and ugly caulk around the tub or shower. Clear or White caulk included. All other colors must be provided by the homeowner. $150 for the first bathroom and $75 for each additional bathroom. Saturdays & Sundays only




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We are provided every year with an average cost of of a bathroom remodel from various sources. We are also given the percentage of the cost we recoup compared to the value it added to your home.  We must remember these are only averages.  By using some cost saving strategies, we can not only save money but increase the value of the home by 100% or even 110% rather than the latest national average 74.6%.  The following is a list of cost saving ideas on the most popular bathroom upgrades.

  • Granite counter-tops are a must have, but if you stick with an inexpensive granite, it could cost half of that beautiful marble yoou saw in the showroom.  Here’s an additional tip.  Vanities are typically small areas to cover, so head over to your local granite counter top company and ask if they will give you a deal on a remnant left over from a previous job.
  • Under-mount sinks may be expensive in kitchens but you can pick them up for about $100 each for vanities. 
  • Vanity faucets are also inexpensive.  Just buy a nice satin nickel 4″ spread faucet with a simple sleek design.
  • Want the look of a double mirror over the vanity?  You can pick up two 24″x36″ mirrors with beveled edges for about $25 each.
  • There are some ugly vanity cabinets out there.  Replacing them with new ones could cost thousands.  Instead, find a good painter that is experienced in painting cabinets and you will save a bundle giving them a new finish.
  • Don’t forget the cabinet door knobs.  The big box home improvement stores sells them in packs of 10 at a huge discount instead of paying double for buying them individually.
  • Adding all new matching plumbing fixtures from the tub drain, spout, control valve, to the shower head can be pricey, but how about installing  just the rain shower head.  If your handy, it’s a fairly simple DIY project.
  • If the shower is dirty and moldy but the tiles aren’t falling off , spruce them up with re-grouting and re-caulking and it will look like a new shower.
  • Glass doors are a big investment and there is little advice available in that catagory besides stay away of the more expensive frameles glass. Frameless glass is actually a nice upgrade that clearly changes the look and feel of the space and worth the extra money.
  • Inexpensive and stylish vanity lights are a must if you have upgraded the entire vanity area.  That is a great DIY project which will save you a good chunk of money.  Just be sure to put tape over the switches in the off position so nobody walks in and flicks the switch while you are up on a ladder with the bare wires in your hand.
  • And I saved the most important for last, paint!  If the tub and shower are white and you choose to paint your cabinets a light color, it will completely transform the room painting the walls a warm and inviting darker tone.  A gallon of the right color paint will be the best investment toward your bathroom remodeling project.

Chad Walker – Texas Shower Company

For Americans with disabilities, having wheelchair accessible bathrooms in the home is a necessity.  Meeting the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)guidelines or altering a bathroom to provide wheelchair accessibility does not mean style and design have to be compromised.  There are many options today that allow the same beautiful and inviting bathrooms to also be wheelchair accessible.

 The ADAwas introduced by the Justice Department in 1990 to provide equal access to public places for Americans with disabilities.  Although the ADA’s building codes pertain to public facilities, they have proven to be an invaluable tool for providing accessibility within the home.  After the implementation of the ADA’s detailed guidelines to provide needed functionality, the home bathroom remains a blank canvas for the imagination and creativity of the home owner and remodeling contractor.  Most products and designs found in home improvement books and magazines can be incorporated into the bathroom to create a warm and inviting retreat or a sleek modern design.

Over the past decade, the selection of home products that are available for disabled Americans has increased tremendously.  Today’s bathroom products offer style and design options that weren’t available in the past.  Sinks, faucets, vanities, tubs and showers, currently featured in top designer bathrooms, can be designed and built specifically for wheelchair accessibility.  For instance, by using a barrier free shower pan, the shower walls can be covered in porcelain, stone, marble, or mosaic tile in any pattern or design conceivable.  Grab bars and folding seats can easily be mounted to the shower walls. Hand held shower heads mounted on a sliding bar offer the versatility of detached or mounted use as well as height adjustment for sitting or standing positions.  Faucets and fixtures are available in a variety of finishes and colors to match the desired style.  Vanity sinks come specially designed with a curved front edge, allowing individuals in wheelchairs to have complete access and full contact with the sink and can be mounted in any marble or granite counter top desired.  The vanities themselves can be custom built out of exotic woods with sleek granite counter tops and easy access storage.  These products provide disabled individuals with a chance to maximize independence and with design increase their quality of life tremendously.

There is no reason, with today’s products and ingenuity, that a wheelchair accessible bathroom can’t be a showcase of design and beauty.  The ADA has provided us with the information and insight into the needs of disabled individuals, it’s up to us as contractors and designers to use our imagination and skills to combine functionality with beauty.

Chad Walker – Texas Shower Company