Tub and Shower Re-caulk
Get rid of that moldy and ugly caulk around the tub or shower. Clear or White caulk included. All other colors must be provided by the homeowner. $150 for the first bathroom and $75 for each additional bathroom. Saturdays & Sundays only




I recently had to go back to a previous job for warranty work.  We take pride in what we do and never cut corners, but occasionally a product fails or we didn’t think of the something at the time of the remodel.  On this particular job, one of the tasks was to paint bathroom cabinets.  We used a “no sanding necessary” primer to prepare the old painted surface.  We then painted the cabinets.  It wasn’t long before the paint started to peel in places.  Upon closer inspection, it was the primer that had failed as the paint was loyally sticking to the primer but the primer was not adhering to the old surface.  Why didn’t the primer stick to the old paint?  There was a Pledge or Endust residue on the old paint, something SANDING FIRST would have solved.  After scraping, SANDING, and repainting the surface, the bathroom cabinets have a beautiful and durable finish.  Lesson learned.

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